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Our houseware packages complement your new environment and finalize your temporary home. Almost no wishes will remain unfulfilled. Everything that make your life easier you can find in the packages and all typical tasks in the household can be done immediately after your move-in. And if something is missing? The same applies here: each of these packages can be delivered individually on request.

3PC cookware and pan set

Silverware set (for 6 persons)

Dinnerware set (for 6 persons)*

18PC set of glasses**

1 Toaster

1 Coffee maker

1 Bowl

1 Bottle opener

1 Can opener

1 Knife block set

1 Trashcan

* Consisting of:

6 Dinner plates

6 Small plates

6 Cups and saucers

** Consisting of:

6 Water glasses

6 Wine glasses

6 Beer glasses

Premium dinnerware set (for 6 persons)*

Premium 24PC set of glasses**

Premium 5PC cookware set

Premium silverware set (for 6 persons)

Non stick fry pan

6 Little cutting boards

6 Placemats

1 Tray

1 Tea kettle

1 Pack of white papernapkins

2 Candlesticks with candles

Tea candles

Sugar bowl

Milk jug
Bread box

Pan splash guard

Salt and pepper shakers
Knife block set

Kitchen tong and grill spatula

Salat servers
Hand mixer

3PC set of measuring jug

Baking sheet (universal)

Kitchen scale

Coffee maker

3PC set of bowles

3 Tupperware

1 Colander

Kitchen towel set


Can opener


Cork screw opener
Bottle opener

Kitchen scissors
1 Iron

1 Ironboard

1 Laundry rack

Extention cord

2 Light bulbs
Laundry basket

Clothes hamper

Cleaning rag

1 Bucket

1 Broom

1 Set of dustpan with little broom


* Consisting of (premium quality):
6 Large plates
6 Soup plates

6 Small plates

6 Cups and saucers
6 Egg cups

** Consiting of (premium quality):

6 Water glasses
6 Wine glasses

6 Champagne glasses
6 Beer glasses

Same as Premium Package, but:

Executive dinnerware set (for 6 persons)*

Executive 42PC set of glasses**

Executive 7PC cookware set

Executive silverware set (for 6 persons)

2PC non stick fry pan


6 Linen napkins


Dipbowl set

Teapot warmer

Wine cooler

Roasting tin

Onion cutter

Springform pan

Bread cutting machine


Orange squeezer

Thermos flask

Executive 5PC set of bowles

Executive 5PC tupperware

Paper towel holder

Executive electronic can opener

1 Cordless phone

3 Energy saving light bulbs


Feather duster

Vaccum cleaner

Additional vaccum cleaner bags

* Consiting of (executive quality):

6 Large plates
6 Soup plates

6 Small plates

6 Cups and saucers
6 Egg cups

6 Espresso cups

6 Coffee mugs

** Consiting of (executive quality):

6 Water glasses
6 Redwine glasses

6 Whitewine glasses
6 Beer glasses

6 Shot glasses

6 Cocktail glasses

6 Champagne glasses

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